Beauty: 5 Products I Always Repurchase


I consider myself a minimalist beauty enthusiast. Don’t ask my husband because he’ll deny it lol. Though I constantly explore and try lots of products, I stick to products that work for me (and I can afford), and give or toss away what doesn’t. So, here are some of the products I used, loved, and have been repurchasing for the nth time.

Slide1Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel in original scent tops my list for must-have shower gels. I’m very particular with smell, and this leaves me smelling light and refreshed. I tried their other variants, the purple and green ones, but went back to this. As for the after-shower feel, it never fails to leave my REALLY dry, sometimes even flaky, skin clean and well-hydrated. So, should be worth the investment at P1,399 (40 oz, S&R Membership Shopping), right?

PS: For a whitening alternative, I’m currently trying aviance Whitening Moisture Bath Wash available here.

Slide3AHC The Real Eye Cream for the Face, which is actually an eye cream, is a hype product from Korea (details here). It promises brightening, anti-aging and hydrating effects. Multi-tasking for the win. Did it work? Yes, thus the repurchase. What made me buy? Early last year, I noticed my right eyelid drooping a bit. I panicked and bought this online. I then saw improvements after JUST ONE tube. I’m now on my 3rd tube, and so far still loving it. I’m trying the Ultimate variant next because preventing further signs of aging – I’m turning 3-0 this year!

Slide2Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-one Light Pressed Powder in 02 Nude Beige (in case Maybelline decides to send me one lol). Oil-absorbing. Non-clogging. UV Protecting. Natural Finish. Affordable. Basic, yet perfect at PHP199.

Slide5Maybelline HyperCurl Volum Express Mascara = Holy Grail. Perfect for everyday wear. Perfect for keeping my lashes and fake lashes “married”. Waterproof and smudgeproof yet easy to remove (using just micellar water). Volumized and lengthened natural lashes. A great STEAL at PHP199.

Slide4This one’s no doubt hard to buy, but a must-must-must-have in your kit. I’m particular with makeup sealers, and this one is still SUPERIOR. Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Sealer is smudgeproof and sweat-resistant. You can feel it lock in your makeup. It literally sticks and feels like glue at first spray, but feels light after. Plus, the minty, mouthwash-ish smell is refreshing – can be a downside for some, but a plus for me. Buying from my favorite pro makeup online shop, Camera Ready Cosmetics.

Your Beauty Coach,



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